Curlcraft™ Complete eCourse Bundle for Hairdressers

A modern creative cutting, styling, + guest experience. The Complete Curly Hair Course is the ONLY course that teaches you ALL aspects of curly hair!

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Curlcraft Education Bundle 1 YEAR ACCESS $297 USD
Curlcraft Education Bundle LIFETIME ACCESS *Recommended Plan $390 USD
Curlcraft LIFETIME ACCESS 2 month payment plan 2 payments of $200 USD /month
Curlcraft LIFETIME ACCESS 3 month payment plan 3 payments of $135 USD /month
Curlcraft 1 YEAR ACCESS 2 month payment plan 2 payments of $155 USD /month
Curlcraft 1 YEAR ACCESS 3 month payment plan 3 payments of $110 USD /month

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    Curlcraft™ Complete eCourse Bundle for Hairdressers $390 USD
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        This life changing course includes:

        • Intro
        • Fundamentals of Curls
        • Shapes: Face + Hair
        • Consultation
        • Concept
        • Sectioning + Sculpting
        • Washing, Conditioning +
        • Weighted vs Airy
        • Choosing the Right products
        • Product Application
        • Volume vs Collapsing
        • Styling + Diffusing
        • Finishing
        • Sleeping
        • Next Day Refresh
        • Advanced Cutting | Addressing
          Problematic Areas
        • Bleaching
        • FAQ's
        • Curlcraft™ Course
          Certificate of Completion

        Amelia W~ "I finally got started on your Curlcraft course... and holy cow! It is wonderful. School has had me feeling locked in a box creatively, and it has been so validating and freeing to watch you do your thing and know that I can get creative and unique with my guests once outside of school. I’m only about half way through the course and I had to pause to let you know how much I am loving it!"

        Nicole~ "Thanks to the Curlcraft course, I can confidently work on curly hair. The course is well organized. The lessons are subsumed under topic modules, making the information easier to understand and remember. The text (with diagrams) is easy to read. The videos are enjoyable: I felt as though I were hanging out with Jo in her salon studio, and she has a very relaxed demeanor. Her focus is on helping us give our clients sculpted styles that are easy to care for, so the method involves a lot of manipulation of the hair and communication with the client (checking in if they like what their hair is doing, explaining why I choose to cut this curl but not that one, etc.) This attention to the client helps build trust and makes for a more pleasant experience all around. (My understanding is many curly clients have felt in their past that haircuts have been done to them rather than for them.) I think all stylists can benefit from this course."

        Andrea~ "I can't wait to get sculpting. I feel like an artist again."

        Dina W~ "Very clear and concise. Game changer!"

        "Curlcraft education is a unique self-paced online curly hair course created exclusively for hairdressers. This complete course covers all aspects of curly hair; from washing, haircutting, product choice and application, styling, finishing and next day refresh, along with a certificate of completion to proudly display in your salon. We also have a private Facebook community where you can share your work and ask for advice. Learn what to look for and how to approach it- this unique + adaptable visual cutting method gives you the ability to create volume or collapse it + customize every haircut. This course was created to help spread knowledge to hairdressers + build confidence. Curly hair is not a trend, it’s here to stay. Don’t miss out!"